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Rainwater Harvesting

Every day it rains, we are wasting water! Literally.

Storing any amount of water is valuable. We have dry spells during the rain season when the stored rain water can be used to irrigate selected small areas of garden. Consider going one step further: harvest rain water to use for household purposes.

Rain water is most effectively employed for the purpose of domestic consumption. In essence, as long as it rains, a household can be supplied with fresh water.

We determine the daily water consumption for a house to ensure enough storage capacity is created to collect and store water for at least a two week period. The average household is adequately covered by the installation of two above ground 5000 Litre tanks. More than a 2 week dry spell is unusual during the rainy season, and in the event that the tanks are depleted of rain water, the system will automatically divert to municipal water.

Rainwater is collected via our specially designed rain water filters, which washes debris from the gutters down a separate waste pipe. The water is redirected to the entire household and the geyser via a pressurised pumping system with all the required valves and control mechanisms. Should there be a power failure, manual switch over to municipal water supply is simple and effortless.

This system can be built in stages to suit your cash flow. First you put down the tanks to harvest the rain water and then upgrade later for complete domestic use.

Combine a Rainwater Harvesting System with our Grey Water Recycling Systems and our water saving devise for toilet flushing, and the average household will save up to 90% of their water bill per month.

This is a smart investment. You will get your initial costs back over a number of years, and thereafter you will save thousands over a lifetime. More importantly you will contribute towards our collective sustainable future.


Diagram of a typical Rainwater Harvesting System

Diagram of rainwater



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