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Grey Water Re-use/Recycling

Every day we send hundreds of litres of re-usable nutrient rich water down the drain. Water we pay for. When we re-use this water, it is for free.

The typical household consumes an average of 240 litres of water per person, per day. The pie chart below illustrates the breakdown of water use.


Typical Household Water Use

Diagram of typical household water use


Grey water is considered all waste water generated from baths, showers, hand washbasins, and laundry water. The kitchen sink and dishwashing machine waste water is not collected.

An average family of 4 persons will based on the above figures and the breakdown of consumption produce 320 litres of re-usable grey water per day. This translates to almost 10 000 litres of re-usable waste water generated per month.

We offer 3 grey water solutions:

  • A basic diversion system – where grey water is not stored and used immediately in small volumes. This water cannot pumped through conventional irrigation systems.
  • An underground tank installation of minimum 1500 litres up to 6000 litres, where grey water is treated to irrigation standard, can be stored and can be pumped through conventional irrigation systems.
  • A sophisticated system which can treat from 300 litres per day for the average household up to thousands of litres per day, employing imported German technology to clean the water for re-use in toilet flushing, swimming pool top up and irrigation.

Combine a Grey Water System with our Rain Water Harvesting System and our water saving device for toilet flushing, and make significant saving on your utilities bill per month.

More importantly, join WETT in creating a sustainable future for ourselves and our children, now.


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