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Water saving tip #7

By James Lombard   (2016-03-04)

Shower with a bucket

In our previous blog post, water saving tip # 6, we compared the water usage of taking a shower vs. taking a bath. It was established that if showering times are reduced to 6 minutes and a water-saving shower head flowing at 7 L/min is used, then 38 L/day is saved relative to the average bath of 80 L.

This is undoubtedly a significant amount of water being saved, but this practice still uses 42 L/day of perfectly re-usable greywater. Today’s water saving tip involves showering with a bucket in order to catch this water for re-use in the garden or elsewhere.

A bucket also has the added function of a timer: I have recently been showering with a 12 L bucket, which generally fills up in 2 minutes. Once the bucket is full, this serves as a reminder to start finishing up so that no water is wasted unnecessarily. Different sized buckets can be used for different showering times.