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Water saving tip #1

By James Lombard   (2016-02-22)

Put a bottle in your toilet cistern

About 30% of domestic water use comes from flushing the toilet, which commonly uses much more water than is necessary: Toilets made between 1980 and 1992 generally use about 13 litres per flush and older toilets even more. Only about 6 litres is typically required for a full flush. If the average person flushes 5 times per day, this quickly adds up to a lot of potable municipal water being wasted for no good reason.

Placing plastic bottles or bricks in the cistern will substantially reduce the volume of water being flushed, saving many litres every day. The bottles can be filled with water and an inch or two of sand and pebbles to weigh them down.

Once the bottles are filled and properly sealed, remove the lid of the cistern and place the bottles inside without obstructing the operating mechanism.

Make sure that enough water remains in the tank for a proper flush to prevent users holding the lever down too long or flushing multiple times.