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How you and your kids can help conserve our water supply throughout this drought-stricken period

By Will van der Merwe   (2017-08-21)

The water crisis in South Africa has reached breaking point this year, with some of our dams dropping to a critically low level of 30% due to lack of rainfall.

Water conservation starts at home. Teaching your kids how to save water can have a big impact on conserving water. The best way children learn is through doing - active learning - and play is the best way of offering them these hands-on experiences. Whether reconstructing real situations or building imaginary worlds.The water crisis we are experiencing now obligates us to save water, whether we want to or not. We have compiled 5 easy water saving tips for the family which will educate and create awareness for our children to practicing saving water everyday but in a fun way.

Fun facts about water:

Fresh water to salt water ratio

70% of the Earth is made up of water, of which only about 3% is not salty water.

Water - solid, liquid and gas

Of the 3% of fresh water, we only drink and use 1% of it. The remaining 2% is in the form of ice and gas. Next to air, water is our most precious resource and we need to make sure it lasts - for our children's children too.

5 Water Saving Tips
5 Water Saving Tips - close the tap when you brush your teeth
5 Water Saving Tips - cut your shower to two minutes
5 Water Saving Tips - collect your shower water in a bucket
5 Water Saving Tips - only rinse your hands once
5 Water Saving Tips - drinking water made fun