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Think Water, Think Life

 In rural areas most Africans use, on average, only 30-40 litres of water, and in the remotest areas as little as 4 litres per day.
A tap dripping at 1 drop... Read More

Western Cape Working to Address Drought Situation

The continuing drought in the Western Cape isn’t only affecting Cape Town residents (who are currently under Level 5 water restrictions) it is also having a huge impact on the... Read More

Cape Town Dam Levels

Cape Town is facing its worst drought in a century and concerned citizens may be interested in up to date information on the levels of major and minor dams in... Read More

Green your garden with Greywater

A greywater system is smart. It is efficient. It is self-sufficient. And for a very affordable installation cost, it’s basically free. Think of it as recycling water... Twice. You store... Read More

How you and your kids can help conserve our water supply throughout this drought-stricken period

The water crisis in South Africa has reached breaking point this year, with some of our dams dropping to a critically low level of 30% due to lack of rainfall.Water... Read More

Water saving tip # 16

Use a bucket for vehicle washing

A standard garden hose could use as much as 30 liters of water per minute. This is much more than is needed to clean... Read More

Water saving tip #15

Become a mindful bather

In our water saving tip # 6 we compared the water usage of a shower to that of a bath. Taking a shower was determined to use... Read More

Water saving tip #14

Do not wash or rinse under a running tap

Casually rinsing vegetables, dishes, cutlery, mugs and glasses under a running tap with an open sink can be a source of substantial... Read More

Water saving tip #13

Become a mindful toilet flusher

A toilet of modern design typically uses about 8 L per flush. For a 4 person household, each of whom flushes 4 times a day, this... Read More

Water saving tip #12

Don't fill the kettle to the brim

Kettles should be filled with just enough water for your needs. This will not only save water, but also reduce your electricity bill. 
Some may... Read More

Water saving tip #11

Use a broom instead of a hosepipe when cleaning driveways or patios

Whenever it is practical to do so, a broom should be considered over a hosepipe for cleaning a driveway... Read More

Water saving tip #10

Plug the sink when shaving

Fill the sink with a few centimeters of warm water. This will rinse your razor just as well as running water, with far less waste of water. This... Read More

Water saving tip #9

Save electricity

The relationship between conserving water and electricity is closely linked: Eskom uses 3% of South Africa’s water, so saving electricity will ease that burden on the utility. 
Conversely, the primary... Read More

Water saving tip #8

Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge

This prevents running lukewarm water down the drain when waiting for it to cool and saves thousands of litres per year. And... Read More

Water saving tip #7

Shower with a bucket

In our previous blog post, water saving tip # 6, we compared the water usage of taking a shower vs. taking a bath. It was established that if showering... Read More

Water saving tip #6

Take a shower instead of a bath

Conventional wisdom holds that a shower typically uses less water than a bath, but this case is not as clear-cut as most may think... Read More

Water saving tip #5

Do not overfill your cooking pots

According to Eskom, the primary electrical expense in a typical household is heating water in the bathroom and kitchen, accounting for about 39 % of... Read More

Water saving tip #4

Only run the dishwasher on a full load

It is generally accepted that a modern dishwasher is more water efficient than washing your dishes by hand. However, the average dishwasher still... Read More

Water saving tip #3

Close the tap while brushing your teeth

The average person brushes their teeth 2 to 3 times a day. It is a task so habitual that it has become automatic: Few... Read More

Water saving tip #2

Water your garden at the right time

Most of domestic water use, about 35%, goes into watering the garden. To make sure that this water does not go to waste it... Read More

Water saving tip #1

Put a bottle in your toilet cistern

About 30% of domestic water use comes from flushing the toilet, which commonly uses much more water than is necessary: Toilets made between 1980... Read More

How much water is there?

When astrobiologists investigate any planet as a possible candidate for harbouring life, the first thing they look for is liquid surface-water. Water is not only essential for survival, but is... Read More

www.wett.co.za is live!

Welcome to the brand new Water Eco Technologies and Treatment (WETT) website! The uncluttered layout of the new site makes for easy navigation and reflects the systems we design: simple,... Read More