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Are You Saving Water?

WETT is a water conservation concern operating from the towns of Stellenbosch and Darling. We cover the West Coast, Cape Peninsula and the towns of the Boland. We are water warriors: Concerned citizens who believe that all homeowners can become water conservationists.

We are advocates for smart water use; not elaborate systems and time consuming efforts to save a few drops.

We install simple, intelligent technologies that will save thousands of litres of water every month and in the long term save you a significant sum of money as a bonus.

This is called Free Water. And you have access to an abundance of it.



Water saving tip # 16

Use a bucket for vehicle washing

A standard garden hose could use as much as 30 liters of water per minute. This is much more than is needed to clean... Read More
Water saving tip #15

Become a mindful bather

In our water saving tip # 6 we compared the water usage of a shower to that of a bath. Taking a shower was determined to use... Read More
Water saving tip #14

Do not wash or rinse under a running tap

Casually rinsing vegetables, dishes, cutlery, mugs and glasses under a running tap with an open sink can be a source of substantial... Read More



Architecture Co-op
Will van der Merwe of WETT has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the design, installation and operation ofl "off grid" water systems. WETT's installation at Rocherpan Nature Reserve for 4 self catering Eco cabins and water infrastructure for the reserve as a whole was efficiently, logically and intelligently designed. The systems are integrated, durable and robust. WETT's follow up service has been exemplary and all systems are fully commissioned and operating optimally. Will's hands on approach and attention to every last detail makes working with WETT a real privilege. I would highly recommend WETT for work of this kind and hope to be working with in the near future. Justin Cooke - Architecture Co-op